Working together is a great way to put down roots!

Please come out on Sunday, May 17th to help improve our block and get to know your neighbors!

roots & wings flyer pic



Despite being delayed by a freak October snowstorm, Lincoln Road Serape is now complete!

This Wednesday is your chance to meet artist Katie Daniels, hear her reflections on the piece and share your reactions.

We’ll begin on the Lincoln Road Bridge at 6 PM and wrap up in the pop-up gallery, around the corner at 552 Flatbush Avenue, with refreshments.

Hope to see you there!

Change on Lincoln Road

So much has changed on our little block since our last post in May. K-Dog has sadly closed its doors. Blue Roost is moving in. And now a new public art installation is coming to the Lincoln Road Bridge.

This Saturday & Sunday, Katherine Daniels will be installing a woven sculpture inspired by Navajo blanket designs onto the fence. You can read about Katie and see some of her work here: http://www.katherinedaniels.com/. Please stop by over the weekend to welcome Katie to the block and witness the installation process. And stay tuned for an announcement of an opening reception to celebrate the new piece!

The bridge was home base and Bob Thomason was the first volunteer to arrive.

Saturday’s block clean up was so much fun.

Large contingents from 40 & 50 Lincoln Road and the Maple Street School pitched in as did neighbors from around the community, all fueled by delicious bagels, coffee & tea donated by K-Dog.

Volunteers aged 2 through 83 worked hard, breaking up compacted soil, uprooting dandelions, removing litter, all to beautify the block we all share.

Dandelion destroying super heroine!

Tree pits and the planters in front of K-Dog, Lincoln Park Tavern and 40 Lincoln Road are now full of flowers, plants and soil generously donated by the Home Depot on Hamilton Avenue.

Thanks Hamilton Avenue Home Depot! The flowers, plants and soil look great.

This adorable family worked hard on the flower bed and planters. And the littlest member admired every worm she came across.

Most impressively, the truckload of wood chips donated by Brooklyn Forestry was impressively demolished by a handful of guys and gals equipped with Ikea bags and a few makeshift carts. Our custom tree pit guards are still under construction and eagerly anticipated as we work to maintain the progress we’ve made. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who gave their time and energy to this project. We did it!

Painting over graffiti is So much more fun than sleeping in.

Tomorrow’s weather is expected to be beautiful. Celebrate spring by spending a morning beautifying our block. We’ll be painting, sweeping, composting, mulching and planting from 9 AM to 1 PM. Our work will be fueled by bagels, cream cheese and caffeine from K-Dog & delicious lunch sandwiches from Mama Louisa. Lincoln Road b/w Flatbush & Ocean Aves in Brooklyn, NY & all are welcome!

This event is part of a larger day of neighborhood beautification. See recent post on our neighborhood listserve here for more details: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Lefferts/.

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring Neighbors! After the long winter, a block is looking a bit worse for the wear. Yesterday, DOT removed the latest tag from our little bridge (thanks bridge crew!). Let’s join the effort and spruce up our block a bit.

WHAT: Clean & Green Lincoln Road

WHEN: Saturday, April 30, 9 AM – 1 PM

WHAT: Clean & mulch tree pit beds, install tree pit guards, plant planters, paint over graffiti, remove litter.

WHO: All of us! & whoever else wants to join in. All volunteers are welcome.

HOW: With the support of the Citizen’s Committee for NYC, Build It Green NYC, Park Tower Associates & K-Dog & Dunebuggy

Please sign up at K-Dog, respond to this post or write linroforma@gmail.com so that we can have an idea of how many volunteers to expect.  Group leaders are especially needed so please consider taking a leadership role!


Our block clean-up is part of a neighborhood wide effort to Put Litter & Garbage in its place. For more information on this initiative or to join the conversation, check out this neighborhood list-serve.

A neighbor applauds the crew.

Thumbs Up Gline Striker & Crew!

After a year of 311 calls, letter writing and appeals to local politicians, we’re experiencing a real success this morning. A (Supervisor Gline Straker’s) Queens-based DOT crew has arrived with shovels and blowers to clear the snow from Lincoln Road bridge. One supervisor told LinRoFORMA that he believes the bridge is being added to the list of regular sites to be cleaned in our borough. We hope this is the case. As we’ve told DOT, this is the last through street for eight blocks and a critical pedestrian corridor for the neighborhood.

Apparently the crew was directed to clear both the south side of the bridge, outside the train station and the north side but believes the MTA should be responsible for clearing the sidewalk outside their station. It’s unfortunate, but agencies pointing the finger at one another is a major cause of inefficiency in the city. Nevertheless, we should celebrate the meaningful progress made. Thanks DOT crew!

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, the MTA began running trains on the north and south bound Q & B tracks at the same time. So far, the trains have been out of service but it gives hope that this side of the neighborhood will be reconnected to the city by rail later today.